Saturday, December 6, 2008

On the Khalil Greene Trade

Here's what I wrote on the blog of Padres Assistant GM (and former Dodger GM) Paul Depodesta:
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"I don't blame you for being upset at what happened in 2008 and the decrease in payroll scheduled for 2009, but let's not be loose with our accusations."

God bless you, Paul, for trying to talk some sense into the fans who want to believe the worst about the Padres brass.

Facts, logic, and the success prior to this year is a hard sell sometimes with those who believe what they want to. Pitchforks are the "in" thing in SD right now.

That's not to say that I haven't been frustrated myself, or that I haven't entertained ideas that it's time for Moores to consider selling. (He really DOES need to address the community about all this. His silence has been deafening.)

But, I have never once believed that Moores, K.T., and Alderson do not want to win.

This year was horrible, and the organization is taking its lumps for it.

But people seem to forget what a disaster the Dbacks had not too long ago. Hate to break it to people, but 100 loss seasons (near so in the Pads case) can happen with any ballpark, and any revenue stream.

They didn't lose 100 games of course, but ask the Yankees how much $200 million got them this year. For that matter, ask them how many world championships Steinbrenner's money got them this decade.

The Yanks got smoked by a team playing with one-fifth of those dollars. A team that stuck to its plan even as it was constantly a national punchline. (And what a good thing for baseball, if not playoff ratings, the Rays finally breaking the New York-Boston never ending back and forth in the AL East was.)

All this said, regarding Khalil, as a fan reacting on pure emotion, this hurts. Big time.

Seeing yet another homegrown San Diego product depart this town for one of the storied franchises (a la Winfield and Smith) feels like deja vu. (Full disclosure, wasn't alive to see Winfield and Smith, but it's always good to know your history.)

But, the rational side of me knows that Khalil was fragile, not once completing an entire season without some injury.

And, for all his acrobatics in the field, figuring out the breaking ball consistently eluded him. As did any semblance of on base percentage, taking a walk, or approaching a .300 average.

And, it tempers the disappointment a bit to know that this makes Peavy easier to retain.

I've no guilt whatsoever in thinking that we need to get a LOT more for Peavy than has been floated in all the reports. And it seems this trade will make that a reality if Jake indeed goes.

In a choice between Khalil and Peavy, there is no choice.

It's going to be tough to see Greene in a Cards uni.

It's going to be tough watching him potentially reach 30 home runs in Busch stadium (although I read in the Padres fan forum that it's actually 22nd in "hitter friendly" parks, so its bandbox nature is overrated).

But, the Padres tried to keep him, gave him a pretty good offer, and at least now they're making it easier to keep Peavy (if not getting something in return that I think is worth it for Greene).

I do agree with other comments that this was a salary dump, and I shall call that spade a spade.

But, as a salary dump, the Pads could have done worse, and I can appreciate the upside.

My heart goes out to the Padre marketing department.

Selling next season to the fan base right now is Mount Everest.

I do not envy the work you have ahead of you at all.

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