Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Double those standards....

You know how the liberals in Congress (looking at you, Hillary) just love to trash the oil companies?

You know, because they get "windfall profits," which must be taxed into oblivion because it's just so unfair?

The profits from the companies that don't do much really, just, ya know, collect and refine oil into gasoline for us to use?

I mean, the geniuses on Capitol Hill are just such experts on energy production. I'm sure they could take over if all the oil companies decided to stop refining.

A government program could take the place of these evil private oil execs and their greedy little henchmen, I'm sure. What's another trillion bucks, after all? (And, of course, George Bush is making us spend this money. Obama doesn't bear any responsibility at all.)

So, what then, do these same self-righteous arbiters of fairness and righteousness have to say about one George Soros banking a cool $1.1 billion off the global recession?

You know, Soros, the guy who hates capitalism, except that he should be allowed to make billions in market speculation. The liberal, open border, secularist God (if I may) of the Obama nation? The backer of Media Matters, Air name the leftist smear outlet, he backs it?

.....George Soros never helped put a tank of gas in my car.


......But HIS profits are okay though. Because he gives left wing gutter snipes money.

....Those standards just keep on evolving, don't they?

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Christopher said...

I would love to know what Soros does with his money. I don't even think he gives that much to the liberals (compare with how much he makes).

From the business perspective, profits are of course good and necessary but how they are achieved and who is harmed in certain ways does involve government oversight if not actual regulations.

But of course the reason oil is down so low now is because global demand has stopped. And also because alot of it was built in speculation. Still I maintain that if you want to make money to buy oil backed securities. Something I still don't do because I just want to live a nice normal life free of the financial world.

I'm having such luck with that.