Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Project Na-what?

Color me a mean curmudgeony skeptic on this Natal business.

Saw a commenter make a pretty good point, that went something like this: "So, I bought a 360 camera which is hardly used or supported anymore, and now they show me this new gaming technology that works...with a camera. Why should I buy THIS now?"

I'm skeptical on its potential for accurate detection, as well as the desirability of playing games without any controller. If I'm going to be shooting something, I'd like a realistic gun in my hands, like I can have with the Madkatz Perfect Shot for the Wii. If I want a realistic driving sim, I'd like an actual wheel to grip on to.

And do we really want to encourage people to be doing kung fu in their living rooms? Or "scanning" in their own skateboards to use as controllers? Looks like a lot of potential domestic mishaps....

And do Microsoft and Sony have to keep trying to out Wii the Wii? What's next, a dual screened PSP or Microsoft handheld?


Now watch me get proven wrong, and this thing work well and fly off the store shelves.

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