Friday, July 31, 2009

Thoughts on the Jake Peavy Trade

I posted the following on the blog of Paul Depodesta, the current Assistant GM to Kevin Towers.

His blog is always enjoyable to read, and he's gracious enough to accept and respond to fan feedback.


I give the organization credit for having the courage to make this trade, and you personally for being willing to write about it, and address fan feedback.

I understand the rationale behind the trade, and when the hurt subsides and we see these guys in action, I will likely understand it even more.

That said, like Khalil Greene, this hurts, even more so with Jake's incredible accomplishments, and his place in franchise lore.

Being a younger fan, relatively speaking, it seems that the time has come for me to accept the fact that this franchise, more often than not, is just not going to be able to keep its big stars around for the entirety of their career. They'll get noticed here, become stars here, and then go somewhere else. This is just another chapter in that overall pattern.

Franchises like Oakland have shown that you can win that way (if not World Championships, mind you, in the case of the Beane teams) by constantly reinventing the roster. And to be sure, this is not the first time a team let its star go. The Red Sox let Pedro go, and they turned out to be right. He never produced for the Mets.

Peavy has not been healthy 100% of the time, and with his inclination towards power pitching and the strikeout, may yet prove to be more of a risk to the White Sox than they are bargaining for. One point ESPN made was how unusual it was for teams to be willing to trade for a player on the DL. You guys deserve credit for being able to pull this off at all, factoring that in.

But, the logic behind the trade aside, this is another let down for a fan base that hasn't had much to hang its hat on lately. This may be the lowest time for the Padres since the Tom Werner days. That early 90s crudfest beats today's malaise out only because we didn't even know if the franchise was still viable, particularly after the strike. (John Moores, history should note, saved baseball in San Diego, all ups and downs notwithstanding.)

I really hope that tangible good will come of today's action, sooner rather than later. I hope too that if the likes of Bell or A-Go are to be traded, the primary motivation will not be money. (I've no doubt that you like the players you are getting back, but I don't think I'm wrong in figuring that the primary motivation was Peavy's $15 million.)

I hope, for pete's sake, that something is going to be done about this lineup with the money we just saved. I think many fans expected that a Peavy trade would accomplish something towards improving that. (Your point about pitching is well taken, though.)

I hope that, as a fan, I will have a reason to start watching this team again, sooner rather than later.

Right now, I just feel let down, and "same old, same old."

My continued best wishes, and gratitude for your insights.


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